Unattainable Goal.

Yet another tool given me from this past Fox retreat.  Daryn's presentation and personal story.

He began his unattainable goal of running a marathon (26.3 miles) by allowing himself to simply run around the block. Ten minutes.

When I have an excuse or mental block keeping me from moving forward I now have a tool—I think about Daryn, taking 10 minutes to run around the block. The avarage time it takes to run a marathon (across all ages and both genders) is 3 hours 48 minutes.

Ten Minutes.


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  • https://youtu.be/WxN9_SZhHns?si=ImpbcPRJOZQLCaR



    this film changed my life last night-  wow it was really great!  My bags are packed! 

  • Win an Oscar for Best Cinematography-

    i am reading books about film making 

  • To look at the big picture sometimes can get overwhelming for me. But I like the idea of just making a small change towards your goal. For me the biggest hurdle is the limitations I place on myself and not even trying to go after the goal. I have attempting to practice the  things taught in the retreat and control my thoughts and make a change in the right direction toward the goal. Even in the process of putting the action in I still have a battle within myself if its possible but just need to control those thoughts and keep moving forward.  

  • The idea of making a small change to create a momentum shift in our life is HUGE! The reason being, that many of us become overwhelmed by a monumental task, or we just don't start because we don't think we can accomplish it. I enjoyed the process of running, many wonderful things happened when I ran. However, I didn't think I was good at it, I didn't think I was strong enough, fast enough, I didn't have the endurance, etc, etc. I had all of the limiting beliefs surrounding my desire to run a marathon. But I started, I started small, and gradually things started moving. Things started changing and I built up the momentum from as you said, a trip around the block. We all have limiting beliefs, we have to see them for what they are, limiting us and our lives, our goals, our dreams. Todd, and Dave, do you have an unattainable goal?

  • As Lefty states in the video posted on the main page, if we start with a small change, then another small change, and another...soon we will realize a big difference in our lives. All it takes is that first step. 

  • I wrote this before noticing Daryn attached his story in an email to retreat participants. It has been a part of my daily consciousness.

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