Got up this morning and the pinched nerve around my shoulder was acting up. Had an insulation job to do for Matt. The truck would not start. Got it started and then the brakes went to the floor. Canceled the job. Called the tow truck and sent it to the mechanic. Was thinking about what could I get off the list of things to do. I have a list that will never be done before I die. I will leave this world with a to-do list. 

The light bulb goes on, I totally believe that the inspiration and motivation came to me because of Joseph was posting here on The Good Life Mall. Joseph was posting on different articles. They were good inspirational posts. I was getting excited. I had just got done working on the site posting articles and some technical stuff. So to have Joseph posting replies to the work I had done was a good boost to my morale. I know people are reading the articles and that keeps me writing and posting pictures. To have people post about the article is a real boost. 

The thought comes to me, Go get a load of mulch and get started dressing up the house. Went and got some mulch and did a little in the back. When Bets pulls in the garage she sees a some of the flower beds mulched. Then went out front and pulled some more weeds and used the rest of the mulch. 

Thanks Joseph. 










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