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Creativity is something we all use in some form, but many believe they aren’t creative. But the creative mind can be developed. Developing a creative mindset takes practice. The more you do the things, regularly, that flex your creative muscle, the…
Feb 9
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“Infinite Wisdom knows a simple way out of every difficulty, an answer to every problem, a solution to any dilemma that can come to anyone. It is only our ingrained habit of limiting God that keeps Him from giving us perfect harmony. Don’t limit the…
Feb 8
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Emmet Fox Winter Retreat 2020
Jan 31
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“Each one of us demonstrates where we are, and if we want to express something higher, then we must provide the higher consciousness to correspond. We do that, not by grumbling at the conditions we find around ourselves, but by living up to the high…
Jan 27
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Chronic Stress Kills: Here Is What You Can Do What Is Chronic Stress? Stress is the normal reaction of our bodies to external situations and influences. Circumstances arise that cause our bodies to increase heart rate and cortisol is released. In sh…
Jan 25
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Jan 25
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We’ve all experienced mental fog. You feel your brain is in the clouds instead of an actual brain. Its symptoms include:
Difficulty concentrating
Diminished memory
Find it hard to focus
Poor communication skills
Low motivation
Easily distracted
Jan 22
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“If, when you are faced with trouble, whether it be old or new, you can affirm positively the harmony of being and then refuse to open the case, no matter how much fear may urge you to do so, you have to cast your burdens upon the Lord, and you will…
Jan 21
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Jan 18
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"I found gratitude for something through committing to looking for gratitude. The heart caught up later."
Jan 17
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“Each man is an individual enterprise on the part of God, so no two of them are alike.” Emmet Fox (The Science of Living)
I pass this gate that squeaks. I wonder why no one oils the hinge? Then God presses this thought on my heart, "I have everyone…
Jan 13
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“Thoughts of God, thoughts of kindness, of optimism, and goodwill, are the food of health, joy, and success; and if you furnish a bountiful supply of this food you will attract these things as well. When you want to get some condition out of your li…
Jan 12
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Everyone has someone difficult in their lives. It could be a family member, a friend, or a coworker. There’s the drama queen - this person lives and breathes drama. Nothing is a simple reaction - everything is an overreaction.
Then there’s the compl…
Dec 31
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Change can lead to unforeseen opportunities. 
Dec 29, 2019
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Life never sits still. Its always moving, always changing. But changing to change is wasted motion. Sometimes, change is good, but sometimes, it’s not. The people in your life may be the motivation for the difference. You may marry or divorce. You m…
Dec 22, 2019
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I don’t know who needs to hear this, but trust me when I say, “you are good enough.” No matter what you are going through right now, you need to believe in yourself.
Self-belief will help get you through the tough times, and then propel you towards…
Dec 20, 2019