Just being Joe

I went down to Pennsylvania and New Jersey to speak at friend’s anniversary meeting and to visit family.  Found out 2 friends lost their parents. I called to express my condolences. My niece was engaged. I had Great gathering with friends and family. Just being me, Joe. I am glad to be me. Freedom is being there then and  here right now. Glad i was made aware of this site and to be welcome. Tomorrow i go to work as an Estimator- Salesperson, because that is where my passion exists and flourishes. I’ve been on a 40 day streak of meditation. This has me looking more mindful. I notice that i can be feeling many emotions, yet when i meet the prospect, the passion changes and i feel charged with purpose. Just being Joe is becoming easier. 

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  • Your story gave me more clarity on who I am (and am not)--invaluable. Thanks for putting in the effort and sharing with us. You know me--and that is comforting.

  • Great to have you join us. It is amazing to live a life that you are the same place where your feet are. I knew I had arrived when that happened.

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