This is for Todd. Pie

It has been two days without at least one slice of pie. This pinched nerve has taken its toll.

I came into the house and made my resolve; it is time for pie.


This one is blackberry and blueberry, cinnamon and some spice mix with some hot peppers in it I use store-bought pie crust. 


Put eight slits in the lid. That means eight slices of pie. I eat two slices on most days. Living large, life is good. How can you let life get to you when you know you are going to have two slices of pie everyday.



Now I have to wait for it to cool.

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  • Thanks Lefty. No matter my attempts to change my body, I cant see myself giving up PIE.

    I have not been satisfied with my body. I don't like the appearance, and it is uncomfortable physically. I understand I must correct my eating habits among other steps to change this. But I KNOW pie is a spiritual occasion--And I don't believe God wants me to give it up.


    • I do not believe he made things just to tease us with. He made everything for our use. We need to inventory a thing and ask ourselves if this is good for us or it hurts us. 

      Do I use cactus for bedding material or would I use it in my diet for its health benefits?

      • Man, I'm hungry for some pie!!

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