St. Therese of Lisieux | Age 15

Saint Therese was born January 2, 1873 and passed September 30 1887--She was 24 years young. She approached Monsignor Hugonin, Bishop of Bayeux at the age of 15 seeking permission to enter Carmel (convent). She put her hair up for the first time--a symbol for being grown-up--in order to persuade the bishop. Carmel prayed especially for priests--"I met many saintly priests . . . in spite of being above angels for their supreme dignity they were nonetheless men and still subject to human weakness".

I was comissioned to portay her image in a painting. I did much research of her life and image. All images found were non-color. I had to research her eye color and hair color. I became attracted to this moment in her life--the physical image. She is known as "The Little Flower" of Carmel. I am grateful for this journey.


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