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  • I think of a place for pleasent shopping. An assemblage of sorts that will eliven me corporally or psycologically.

  • A place with resources to attain the Good Life.

  • A place where I can "buy" something valuable and it only cost time.

  • I see a place without chaos. A place where I can walk slowly and mindfully shop for something that can increase my happiness. A place where I can find an item to better my life.

  • Two things come to mind for me. One, I visualize a mall with lots of stores. And instead of selling clothes or various products, these stores are providing tools for the people shopping to improve their lives. Some of the stores I see include: The gratitude store, the abundance store, the dream board store, the networking with like-minded friends store, the Emmet Fox store, etc. The second thing that comes to mind when I hear, "The Good Life Mall" is a really productive and healthy Facebook. A place to learn, grow, connect, get new ideas and succeed. No drama. I'm really excited about this website and look forward to engaging it.  

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