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Resilience and failure are forever intertwined. Anyone looking to achieve uncommon things and rise above mediocrity in life, must possess resiliency, every time the inevitable failures occur. Failing, messing up and coming up short is every bit as natural and unavoidable as the sun rising each day. From the time we are born, throughout our entire lives, we are repeatedly failing, readjusting, and learning. For anyone intent on achieving big goals and succeeding at whatever objectives they set for themselves, avoiding failure is never the goal, instead, it is HOW you fail that makes all the difference. For many people, failure is interpreted as a sign to stop, turn around, danger. These individuals will wander as far as their safe zone will let them until they experience failure. When this occurs, they construct a mental road sign at this point, marking the failure as the absolute boundary. What does this look like over time? Well, as failures are bound to occur in every aspect of life, over time these boundaries are established in a complete circle around the person’s life. Nothing exists outside these parameters and everything inside is as it should be: safe, predictable and sadly good enough. For the resilient individual, failure is far from the end of the road. Instead, these people are incessantly dreaming about what could exist on the other side of each failure. They are willing to experience all of the negative by-products of failing, such as pain, frustration, guilt, and embarrassment just for the opportunity to attain uncommon things. The resilient use each misstep and obstacle as a chance to fail BETTER the next time around. Trial after trial, these mistakes and corrections begin to stack up, eventually elevating the resilient individual to the place they sought all along. The literal experience of failure is exactly the same for all individuals. It is the interpretation of these occurrences, however, that separates the common from the extraordinary. Resilience is literally defined as displaying courage and strength in the face of adversity. In order to see the prize on the other side of each failure, resilience must be factored into the equation. To be scared of failing is synonymous with a lack of resilience. Looking back on all of the things you wouldn’t have the ability to do right now without overcoming failure and difficulty is a great way to provide yourself with the push you need to continue this trajectory with any goal you have in mind today. Resilience welcomes failure and failure builds resilience.

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  • The stroy about Winston Churchill giving a commencement speech with 9 words was profound. "Never Give Up.......Never Give Up.......Never Give Up"

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