A New Road - Emmet Fox Retreat

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"A New Road" is a commentary on the Emmet Fox Retreats held to explore his teachings at a deeper level.

We present on his writings. The 7 Day Mental Diet, The Golden Key, The Our Father, Forgiveness, are some of his writings that are explored on these weekend retreats. 

We all have a personal choice to experience a new road. Come join us. For more information on upcoming events subscribe using this link. For More Info.

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  • Can you give any information regarding an upcoming retreat Lefty? I read Emmet Fox daily without fail--throughout the day if possible. I have found a hunger for positive thinking. i would love to share my experience through presenting if there is an opportunity.

    • We canceled the August Retreat. To many hoops to jump through. I am putting together an online event. Which of his writings would you expand on?


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