Once you build self-confidence, your life will take a turn for the better. Building confidence you will start to take risks. This puts you on the road to a brighter future, which before you could only dream about. When you establish the habit of taking risks, you put fear behind you. Self-confidence is the process of admitting you have things you dread doing, yet you are willing to push through and find a way to keep your fears from ruling your life. Feel the fear, just do not succumb to the fear. From here go out and build self-confidence for a better life.

Take Responsibility

When you establish self-confidence, you have gained control of your life. You will learn to accept the consequences of your actions good or bad. A self-confident individual will feel motivated to take responsibility while honestly looking at their mistakes and incorporating what they learned into their next adventure. Self-confident individuals will be at the head of the line when an opportunity presents itself.


The paradox is when you are willing to take risks to better your life, you are actually more relaxed. You will relax when plans go awry. An example, you had plans to accomplish something outdoors, and the weather changes you shift gears and find something else to do with your time and are just as happy with this activity.


You will need to learn how to trust yourself if you wish to be successful at bettering your life. A side-effect of believing in yourself is you will be able to trust others. Putting trust in others is difficult to do, yet when you trust yourself, you have the capacity to trust others. Sometimes your faith may be misplaced. Through experiencing your own failings, you are able to forgive others of theirs and move on.

Take Risks

You have a creative and analytical mind. Using both the creative and analytical as a team, you will create a life beyond your wildest dreams. Getting comfortable taking risks lets you entertain new ideas, that before would have been discounted as ridiculous. This world is full of options. You are the only one that can implement them in your life.

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More often then not, you will feel uncomfortable. This is a normal side-effect of taking risks. Keep your eye on the goal, and you will be willing to accept these painful times. The willingness comes because you can no longer accept the status quo. You must create "Your Hearts Desire." 


The key that unlocks the door of happiness is acceptance. When you learn to accept both the good times and the bad times, you have now entered a new dimension of existence where the outside world does not dictate how you feel. If you still use the events happening around you as the primary source for your feelings, reread this article and try again.


Do not tell yourself this must be what God wants for me. Dream big and go for it.  We put limitations on ourselves, no one else.  You are the only one who can build self-confidence for a better life.


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  • I can see the changes with my confidence.  I also see when I'm in the hardest moment of my new adventure. My self esteem and confidence starts to recede. My thinking try's to revert to it's old ways. It's a battle for me. I hope threw experiences this eases.

    • It gets easier. But remember if this was easy, everyone would be doing it.

  • Lefty, this was one of your most impactful articles (for me) yet. Every word resonated with me and what I've been doing with my life the past 10+ years. Once the self confidence started, I did start taking some risks, small at first. And now, I'm taking bigger risks. While it is often out of my comfort zone, I know the reward will be great. There is a faith that has cultivated in my life from taking these risks. Following my hearts desire is something for years I hoped would just happen, but I was the proverbial hampster spinning on the wheel. And now, thanks to your mentorship, I'm learning what it means to follow my heart. Thank you. And the best news is that as good as my life is now, I fell like I'm just getting started. 

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