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Dream into Reality

Hello Brothers,

       I am happy to say the dream has become a reality.  I released my 5 song EP - SEEKER INSENSITIVE on 10/21/20.  It is now available everywhere for streaming.  I will give you all a CD at the next retreat!!!!  Thank you so much to everyone for the support.  This site, Emmet Fox, Lefty, Daryn, and Eric have all made this possible.  Thank you for introducing me to the God within.

Love you all,


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Dream Advancing.......

What is up my Brothers?  I hope you all are well.  Just giving the latest update on The John Moran Band dream progress.  My 5 song EP release is uploaded and set for streaming release on all major platforms on 10/21/20.  I have also produced and ordered 100 professional quality CD's for promotional purposes.  I am currently working on pre-release promotion through youtube, social media, spotify playlists and traditional FM radio. Please subscribe to my youtube channel!!! Thanks for all the support guys!!  Love youse!!


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Dream in limbo

Hey Brothers,

      Just wanted to update you on the dream I've been working on.  The studio session on 8/5/20 went very well.  I completed 5 songs in the studio.  Unfortunately,  3 days before I went into the studio, my wife left me.  It made the completion of the project quite challenging.  Obviously she is not a fan of "Rock Star Dream Johnny".   So now the dream is kind of in limbo.  My negative thoughts are telling me I have to choose between the true self-actualiztion that God has put inside of me and my wife.   My wife is back in the house now, but I am not working creatively.  Honestly, I have returned to my submissive/docile personality role.   Balance is something that I still struggle with.  When I start creating and the visions start manifesting my humility goes right out the window and I start to develop a "God Complex".  The songs are being mixed on Augist 31st.  When the mixes are done I will post the songs.  Thanks for all your support along the way!!!

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Dream continuing.....

I hope you are well my borthers.  Just checkin in on the dream of creating the music album that I have inside of me.  One of my Demos got a spin on a different FM Radio station Sunday night.  Things are progressing.  I've written the songs and I have moved into the next phase of preparing myself and the Band for the studio hit.  I am practing my own playing and singing.  Every group studio hit that I have done in the past-  I've been on the drums.  For this date I will be playing Rhythm guitar and singing.  This will also be my first studio recording experience for me as the band leader.  So of course I am going to ensure that I know my own songs inside out.  These musicians are so good that originally I was not going to have a rehearsal, but God put it on my heart to schedule a rehearsal witht the band 2 days before.  Just to work any kinks out so we are not wasting time in the studio.  Thanks for all the suppor my brothers.  There is not way I would be living out the same dream that I have had since I was a toddler!!!  You guys Rock!!!

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Do Not Waste Your Purpose

Many people spend half their lives worrying about whether or not they are living the life they were born to live. They worry about the reason for their existence to the point of failing to begin working on finding out why they exist. You may be going through the same predicament. You may be bothered by the fact that you do not know why you exist or what you should be doing to ensure that every day you move closer and closer to fulfilling your destiny. The bad thing about not knowing why you exist is that you will end up living aimlessly and drifting further and further away from your purpose.7055261273?profile=RESIZE_400x

That is why, before anything else, answering the why part of the equation is essential. Before you start a new day, ask yourself why you. Why do you exist? What must you accomplish in life? What change are you supposed to make in the world? Finding accurate answers to these questions may not happen overnight, but once it happens, you have found your purpose. When you discover your purpose, you have to spend less time worrying about things that don’t matter and more time working on ways of fulfilling your mission.

5 signs that you may be wasting your purpose.

  1. Failing to commit to what needs to be done.

   “I need some inspiration,” “I am too tired to begin,” “This can wait.” Do any of these statements sound familiar? If Yes, then you may be wasting your purpose without realizing it. It would be best if you changed such statements into something more positive. For instance, “I may not feel like it, but I will begin anyway.” Refusing to allow your emotions from getting in the way of doing what needs to be done will help you keep improving and continue growing.

  1. Failing to plan for your future.

   If you don’t have a plan for your future, any proposal that comes your way is good enough. How many times have you diverted from your initial plan? Giving in to ideas that cannot contribute to your destiny and failing to plan for your future may be the only thing stopping you from living your purpose.

  1. Complaining about everything.

   Nothing good ever comes out of complaining about things you don’t like or things that are happening in your life. Forget about past failures and disappointments and begin concentrating on methods of improving and effective ways of meeting your daily goals, weekly goals, monthly goals, as well as yearly goals. 

  1. Spending too much time on activities that have nothing to do with your development.

   An hour of meaninglessly browsing the internet, constantly posting on social media, or too much TV are all signs that you are wasting your purpose. If you genuinely want to begin getting a step closer to accomplishing your goals, you have to stop wasting your time on things that have nothing to do with fulfilling your destiny.

  1. Failing to manage your finances properly.

   Impulse buying, overspending, or not spending enough money on things that contribute to your development are signs that you may be wasting your purpose. Knowing why you exist will help control your spending habits. It will help you manage your finances wisely, avoid overspending or impulse buying, and start spending money on things that can make some difference in your life. Begin spending your money on things that contribute to your destiny or things that can take you yet a step closer to your goal.


10 ways of ensuring you get a step closer towards fulfilling your purpose every single day.

These tips should be of great help in fulfilling your purpose:

  1. Complete your tasks.
  2. Work on your goals.
  3. Have a well-researched plan in place.
  4. Avoid negative self-talk.
  5. Stop complaining about everything that goes wrong.
  6. Don’t wait for inspiration to strike before working.
  7. Network with the right people.
  8. Look for opportunities and create them.
  9. Commit yourself to make a change and live your Heart’s Desire.
  10. Prioritize your physical health, mental growth, and emotional well-being.
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What's up my Brothers?  There are articles up on this site about celebrating the achivement steps along the way to achieving your ultimate goal.  I am posting to celebate the first FM radio spin of The John Moran Band occured last night at around 8:20PM on WDVR- 89.7 Delaware Township,  90.5 Easton PA, 96.9 Princeton.  A different DJ on a different station is going to play it next week!!!!  Verily Verily I say unto you God wants your dreams to come true!!!!

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Dream Continuing........

I am continuing to follow my reborn dream of creating The John Moran Band Album.  This track is written, performed, and produced by John Moran(And God).   Any and all views greatly appreciated brothers.  I am hitting the studio with a full band in August.  The musicians are all 21 year old high level music school students.  I am psyched!! 

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Dream Reborn

What's up my Brothers in Emmet Fox?  Hope you are all holding up strong with God during this time.  As for myself, this time has given me the unique opportunity to look at my true hearts desire- the original dream.  The John Moran Band Album.  When God revealed this to me I did what I learned at the retreats.   I prayed and then I contacted my favorite philadelphia songwriter and asked him if he would consider mentoring me.  He graciously agreed.  I currently have 2 song demos completed.  I am writing the songs, playing all the instruments, and doing all the recording production myself.  The work is quite intense, but I am having soooooooooo much fun!!!!  The second song took me about 120 hours over 10 days.  This is why I went to music school in the first place.  I'll post some tracks on here after I figure out how.  Peace and Love,  John

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