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“Thoughts of God, thoughts of kindness, of optimism, and goodwill, are the food of health, joy, and success; and if you furnish a bountiful supply of this food you will attract these things as well. When you want to get some condition out of your life, starve it out by refusing to furnish any of the food upon which it thrives, and you will be surprised how rapidly it will leave you. It will go away in a hurry somewhere else, where its food is obtainable.” Emmet Fox (Make Your Life Worth While)

Develop gratitude for everything that is happening in your life. The time we spend on deciding that a thought is not of kindness, of optimism, and goodwill, is entertaining the negative thought. "Resist not evil." The time we spend fighting off a negative thought is empowering the negative thought. Saying that we are grateful is not enough. We have to look for the reason that the red light is helping us not holding us back.

When you develop this skill in your heart and mind, you will be surprised to see how quickly your surroundings will begin to change to align with your new thoughts.

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  • When I start my day with gratitude (journal), any kind of gratitude, my day goes better. I have struggled to make the commitment to do this every morning. Intellectually I know the importance of gratitude, but I struggle with getting the heart involved. I will continue to work on this and commit to it until I do it everyday and feel it in my heart. 

    • I found gratitude for something through committing to looking for gratitude. The heart caught up later.

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