How to Overcome Procrastination

You always have good intentions, yet procrastination cripples you. You find yourself looking for the magic wand on how to overcome procrastination. Here are 10 action steps that will lead you to become the person you always admired.

  1. Set a Goal:

Let your mind develop a picture of the result you want. Now that you have the goal set, putting together an action plan will be easier. With the pictured outcome and a plan of action, you are armed for success.

  1. Clear Your Mind:

Begin by clearing your mind of the clutter. Like a computer that is overloaded it crashes. You restart the computer and this gives you a fresh start. Put the pen to the paper and just write down every thought that comes to you. No editing necessary. Now your mind is clear and the plan of action is on the screen.

  1. Make a List:

Write down the actions you will take the following day.  This is the work order your sub-conscious mind needs to develop a plan to accomplish the actions you have listed.

  1. Small Steps:

We have devalued the penny to where it is worthless. No matter how you count it takes 100 pennies to make a dollar. It is the same with small steps. We have devalued small steps, always looking for the big score. Start taking small steps and you will bring back that sense of accomplishment to your life.

  1. Be Accountable:

Pick a safe person to tell about your plan on how to overcome procrastination. This will help motivate you to take action. It is easy to tell yourself some silly excuse, but telling another person the same silly excuse will not be as easy. Talking about your accomplishments will give you a sense of pride. You will also get feedback on the steps you plan to take. Brainstorming is by product of these accountability sessions.

  1. Remove Distractions:

Block out a period of time when you will take some action. No email, phone calls and social media and you will increase productivity. A singleness of purpose will get you to your desired goal faster than multi-tasking.

  1. Change Your Mindset:

Use affirmations to change the negative scripts you have been telling yourself. Envision an action taker and give yourself the starring role in this movie. Do this all in the present tense. You have been doing this in the future tense and that has failed.

  1. Stop Waiting For The Perfect Time:

The perfect time is very elusive. Few are the ones that find it. Right now is all you will ever have.  Start where you are with what you have.  These are the ingredients for the "Perfect Storm".

  1. Be Consistent:

Do something every day that will lead you towards the end result you are looking for. This is how you discipline yourself and develop the habits you need to overcome procrastination.

  1. Remove Analysis Paralysis:

Start making mistakes is the way to remove analysis paralysis from your life. Second guessing yourself and over-worrying about getting it wrong are crippling traits. No one has ever failed by making a mistake. You only fail when you quit trying.  When you make a mistake you will see a new path to achieve the desired result. Using these 10 action steps is how to overcome procrastination.

Image by Laura Retyi from Pixabay


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