The best place to start spreading kindness is within your communities. Reaching out is more comfortable with people, you know. Giving the folks you regularly encounter a “Good Morning” and a smile is a simple start that goes a long way. Smiling is contagious. When you begin setting a good example by saying good morning with a smile every time you meet someone, you are training them to smile and say good morning.  It is human nature, and they will have little choice but to pick up where you left off and continue the spreading of good deeds. Let me explain what I mean by “communities” and how you can become a kindness leader within your circles.7906899298?profile=RESIZE_400x

Types of Communities

We often think of our community as being where we live, and this is definitely the case. Your city or neighborhood is one community you belong to, but the term is much broader than just geography. The core of your community is its people. Any commonality that brings people together can be considered a community. This can be your work colleagues, your group of friends who get together regularly, your blood relatives, or some other group entirely. Perhaps your community revolves around a common interest, such as sports or hobbies. We will define community as where two or more are gathered together.

Be a Kindness Leader

You can be a kindness leader in your communities. A leaderis where others look for motivation and direction. By your leadership, you’re providing examples to the people around you how it’s done. They’ll see you as the person who spreads good, positive vibes. They may even seek to emulate your example. After all, kindness is contagious. Remember?

Ways to Get Started

Getting started as a kindness leader within your communities is quite simple. It doesn’t mean finding a stage and preaching kindness. All you have to do is show generosity to those you encounter throughout your groups, and people are bound to take notice. You can encourage others to get involved by sharing your stories of giving and how it makes you feel to give back. You can get on a stage by working on getting others involved through volunteer efforts formally. Set up a fundraiser for a friend within your tribe. Organize a volunteer effort among your pals for a cause of common interest to everyone. You’ll soon see folks want to engage in their acts of kindness.

Doing good within your communities brings people together. Performing acts of kindness within your groups and encouraging others to do the same will benefit you all in many ways. You’ll build bonds while helping others.

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