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“Another of the great mental laws is the law of relaxation. In all mental working, effort defeats itself. This is just the opposite of what we find on the physical plane, but it will not surprise us because we know that in many cases the laws of mind are the reverse of the laws of matter.

On the physical plane, the harder you press a drill the faster will it go through a plank. The harder you hammer a nail the sooner does it go into the wall. But any attempt at mental pressure is foredoomed to failure because the moment tension begins, the mind stops working creatively. When you try to force things mentally, when you try to hurry mentally, you simply stop your creative power.

In all mental working be relaxed, gentle & unhurried for effort defeats itself. quietness and in confidence shall be your strength... Isaiah 30:`15

January 24  Around the Year With Emmet Fox 

My application of this.

"Let us sleep on that." This saying uses the law of relaxation. You get to the point of exhausting your mental faculties and use "Let us sleep on that." chances are good when you wake you will have a resolution.

"Move a muscle change a thought." is another one. Moving a muscle distracts your mental pressure.

Both of these sayings allow your creative mind to find solutions. Once I learned these actions, I started to use them earlier and earlier in my thought process. This made me more productive. Forcing thought only causes friction, not solutions.

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