Think Big Like a Child

What is success really all about? Is it about things? Is it about material possessions? Is it about the way other people see you when you're successful? Is it about adulation and fame? Think about your answers to these questions. Think big like a child. You see, there are correct answers to all of these questions, and none of those answers are yes.  Material possessions are a side effect of success. So is money. So are praise, recognition, and authority. All these things are signifiers of success, but none of them are success itself. So then, what is success really all about?

To answer this question correctly, you have to let go of your adult self and all of your adult preconceptions and prejudices. You have to think back to when you were a child. You have to remember what it was like to be a child. You have to readopt a child’s worldview. You have to repossess a child’s motivations. In short, you have to, once again, begin thinking like a child.

How does a child define success? Think big like a child. A child defines a victory by the goal. A child succeeds when he or she gets what they want. They are not deterred by the word no. They are not stopped by their own inner voice. They do not care what others think of their goal or their behavior in trying to achieve that goal. You could say that a child is nearly 100% goal oriented.

A child also sees the universe as limitless and the possibilities within that universe as infinite. This means that a child does not feel constrained by any self-imposed restraints. The child also doesn't feel constrained by outside forces. If the child can conceive of something, then the child feels that they can achieve that something. This lack of constraint and restraint further feeds the child's laser focus on their goal.

A child is innocent as well. This innocence is not a bad thing. In fact, it is a shield protecting the child from worry and fear when it comes to goals. The child doesn't worry about failure and the outcomes of failure. The child has not been taught about eventualities. There are no eventualities.  They only see the goal.

Think big like a child and adopt a child's point of view when it comes to your ventures. A child's point of view is a useful way of examining your behaviors to see where imagined constraints and fears are keeping you from fully engaging in big thinking.


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