How To Get Rid Of Your Quitting Habits

If you are tired of giving up on your goals, relationships, work, or even yourself, do not despair because that is a positive sign that you are about to turn your life around. That is because the first step to getting rid of any bad behavior is by acknowledging that you need a change.

Getting rid of your quitting habits and achieving what you want demands that you have confidence in yourself as well as your ability to change. You have to move from an “I simply can’t get rid of this” attitude to an “Every bad habit can be replaced with a better one” philosophy.7766381293?profile=RESIZE_400x

Find Out What Normally Causes You To Quit And Avoid Giving Up When You Shouldn’t.

Why do you want to quit? What causes you to want to quit? Finding out the most truthful answers to these questions and addressing them can help you continue working on your goal and keep you from giving up. Once you ask yourself these questions, you may be surprised at the reason behind wanting to quit. You may have had a heated argument with your coworker concerning the project you are working on. Maybe you disagree on the next step to take, and you feel leaving is the best thing for you.

However, if you look at it objectively and with a clear head, is failing to reach an agreement a tangible reason for quitting?

The best thing you can do when you feel like calling it quits after an argument is to give yourself enough time to breathe and reflect on the disagreement when you are calm enough to think objectively. This will save you from making what may turn out to be the worst mistake later on.

Remember To Stop And Reflect On Why You Are Doing What You Are Doing So You Can Make The Right Decisions.

The main reason why quitting has become a habit is that you allow your feelings to get in the way of making sound decisions. When you feel you were not treated fairly or when you feel you don’t have the strength to continue working on your relationships, etc. you fail to remember the importance or significance of what you are doing. However, if you refuse to let your emotions interfere with your work, life, or decisions, you will be able to think objectively and to make the right decisions. Think about that the next time you feel like quitting.   

Instead of giving up on starting that new project or continuing with your degree, stop and reflect on your reasons for engaging in that particular work or field of study in the first place. The reason you started is good enough to keep you going.

Surround Yourself With Resilient People So You Can Adopt Their Positive Traits.

Surrounding yourself with strong-willed people who never give up will motivate you to become more like them, and it is one of the most effective ways of getting rid of your quitting habits. If you spend most of your time with complainers and people who never stick to their goals, you will learn their practices and assume quitting is normal.

Understand That Pausing And Resting Is A Necessity And It Doesn’t Mean You Are A Quitter.

Never underestimate the power of pausing from your work and resting when you are supposed to. Your quitting habits may have been brought on by the fact that you work overtime, or you have dedicated 99 percent of your time on “making things work” to the point of failing to slow down and relax. Overworking yourself and not giving yourself enough time to rest will force you to think you have done all that you possibly can, and the only option you have is to give up.

Disconnect from what you are working on for a few hours and give yourself enough time to rest and recharge. If you do that, you will be amazed at your productivity levels the next time you continue.

Keep in mind that resting is a necessity. It does not mean you are a quitter.

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