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Continuing with your goals after experiencing severe failures is not easy, and it may seem impossible. Nonetheless, there are quite a few things you can do to ensure you keep working on turning your dreams into reality, no matter how many times you fail.

If you master the seven things that have the power to help you remain motivated to continue reaching for your dreams, you will be unstoppable. No form of failure can get in the way of succeeding in anything you do.7832005494?profile=RESIZE_400x

  1. Look at the failure from a different perspective.

   “Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.” – Napoleon Hill. We all experience failure from time to time. The difference between quitters and those who continue working on their goals is that high-achievers know that it doesn’t matter how many times you fail. It only matters how you choose to respond to failure. 

The world’s famous high-achievers reached their breakthroughs after experiencing severe failures because they decided never to give up. Steven Spielberg is an American film director, producer, and screenwriter who is one of the most famous producers and directors in film history with a net worth of 3,6 billion USD in 2020. 

None of what he has accomplished would have been possible if he gave up on his dreams or himself after being rejected from the University of Southern California School of Theater, Film, and Television three times. He knew what he wanted to accomplish and kept moving forward. Today he has won over 15 awards, and he also co-founded DreamWorks pictures along with other outstanding achievements. 

  1. Take valuable lessons from the bad experience.

   Every failure comes with an important lesson that can get you a step closer to your goal. You just have to recognize what that lesson is. Thinking “What valuable lesson can I take from this” will always help you look at failure from a different viewpoint. 

  1. Keep moving.

    I understand how difficult believing in something that didn’t turn out the way you expected is. Nonetheless, no matter what happens, you have to keep believing in what you intend to accomplish if you are going to make it happen. Keep believing and keep moving, even if it means taking the smallest steps. The little steps you take after a disappointment will add up in the long run, and you will be grateful for them. 

  1. Do not let the failure define you.

   One mistake you can make after an awful defeat is to let the fact that you failed at what you were working on define you. If you do that, you will be blind to the things that you can change and spend most of your time thinking about the things you have no control over. Think of failure as a stepping stone toward your destiny instead of letting it define you.

  1. Have a strong support system.

   Sometimes you need a mentor telling you that everything will work out fine in the end. It is that kind of assurance that can make a huge difference in your life. Surround yourself with people who will be there for you when you need them. Strengthen ties with people who are more inclined to say, “This is hard, but you can still come up from it” as opposed to “At least you tried, you gave it your best.” 

  1. Rediscover your energy and zeal.

   What is the main thing that has the power to revive your spirits and get you excited about your goals or life in general? That is what you need to be doing when you feel you don’t have the strength to go on. If you are empowered by spending some time alone, try going on a vacation and make sure you leave your life behind once you arrive. Your next best idea can come up when you are away from everything and just focusing on yourself. 

  1. Come up with a different plan.

    Your failure may have been caused by the plan you have in place or your implementation of it. Consider coming up with a different plan or another way of executing the strategy you already have in place. Sometimes all you need to succeed is a different approach.

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It Pays To Persevere

'Your success in any endeavor depends on your willingness to never give up, even when the reward is delayed.' - Harvey Mackay.

Susan B Anthony was an advocate for American women's rights to vote in the late 1800s. The majority opinion was that women didn't have to vote or be equal to men. They labeled anyone who wanted to change that notion a troublemaker. For that reason, some admired Susan while others despised her. She let nothing deter her, soldiering on until she had a significant following. At one gathering thrown in honor of her work, she received flower bouquets and joked about a particular time in her political career when people had thrown plenty of things at her, which were not flowers. Before her death, people asked Susan if her pursuits had been worth all the things she had gone through. Her answer was a definite yes. They enacted the law allowing women to vote around 1920, several years after her death. American women and the rest of the world, in general, will always attribute their ability to vote in the present and future times to Susan's persistence and determination to fight the system on their behalf.7819263877?profile=RESIZE_400x

Perseverance separates the success stories from failures. It separates the winners from the quitters. Any exceptional person significant enough to write about in the world's history books has faced tremendous challenges in their various pursuits. What clinches success is the determination to win despite those challenges. We should never leave success to chance or luck—Hard work, persistence, and an attitude that refuses to take no for an answer shape it.

Why perseverance is essential.

Everyone wants success in whatever they start, but we forget the hardships lying on the path to that success. Here is what separates us. Some make a decision with their heart, and others use their emotions to start towards their goal.  A frothy emotional appeal will get you to the point where the trials come. If you made a decision with your heart, no matter what gets in your way, you would surmount it. We are human enough to fall short of our goals a couple of times, despite our meticulous planning and goal-getter mindset. Any failure you encounter will chip away at your confidence and self-belief. It becomes easier to believe that you do not have what it takes, and that results in a great temptation to throw in the towel and settle for something less risky.  

The road to success is not a straight line. It requires a level of alertness to navigate the bumps and steer clear of the failure-sized manholes waiting for your fall. Perseverance takes you to your destination despite those setbacks. What guarantees you success is getting up after every fall. Determination and persistence mean you will fight for your dream, despite the temptation to give up. It means that you know that the journey is rough but will risk the discomfort to get the rewards when you reach your destination.

Rewards of perseverance.

  • Reaping the fruit of your labor.

Agricultural metaphors can represent the story of success. There is a lot of groundwork before you can see the harvest. The planning stage is preparing the land. Next, you plant something to reap. Part with something of yourself in your pursuit of success, pouring it into the ground and waiting for it to yield fruit. After that, nurture the plant by watering it regularly and weeding out whatever is hindering it from growing. Invest in your dream by watering it with the required resources. See what has the potential to choke or compete with your vision and weed it out. All processes involved are not glamorous. They demand hard work and persistence. Only then can you expect fruit to break forth. You also need to be patient, as fruits will not grow overnight. Pour what you can into your dream and be patient before you quit. 

  • Building confidence for future

Accomplishing a challenging task will bring you a lot of confidence when you tackle the next leg of your journey. Your excitement to take on more tasks comes from knowing that you persevered in previous endeavors, including those that seemed impossible. You develop the confidence to deliver better on your goals. This also does wonders for your repertoire. You can give your clientele reasons to choose you over your competitors when you articulate your past successes. Eventually, you come highly recommended in your sphere, which is the greatest reward for anyone whose dreams offer a service to others. Persevering and winning because of it will always open doors for the future.

  • You learn more about who you

The journey to achieving your goals is often long and trying. Being determined to succeed teaches you a lot about who you are. If you quit easily, you get to know your low threshold for patience. If you persevere, you also get to learn about your strengths and limitations, so you can work the strengths to your advantage and find ways through your limitations.

Rewards are not always instant, but with perseverance, they are a guarantee.

Be willing to persist in the face of challenges, and you will be well on your way to success.

Never give up if you know you are right.

Remain courageous and confident when you know the odds are against you.

Permit no one to intimidate you or shake your belief in yourself.

Take new courage and resolve from the many successful people who faced incredible challenges to find greatness.

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The Importance Of Perseverance

If success were accessible without hard work and determination, life would be uninspiring. It would be easy to commit to multiple pursuits because we would be overconfident in our ability to win at everything. The only problem with this would be difficulty in finding your niche and mastering a specific field. 7814602087?profile=RESIZE_400x

Setbacks pave the journey to fulfillment and challenge us to fight harder for our dreams. Victory is always much sweeter if accompanied by stories of the struggle along the way. There is something about stories of persistence and perseverance that inspire one to put all the effort to assure victory.

Never lose sight of the vision.

If your vision is important to you, you will not quit at the first sign of resistance or rejection. Giving up shows holes in your conviction. We often drive our children to succeed at the exact things we quit and failed at.  Your dream should inspire you to fight setbacks instead of imposing your dream on your children. It is, therefore, imperative to keep sight of the end goal at all times so that the stumbling blocks do not entice you to quit. If failure comes to a person determined to win at all costs, its impact is less likely to derail the vision. It becomes easier to pick yourself up, dust yourself up, and try again, which is the winner’s mindset.

Do not camp around failure. 

Thomas Edison tried over a thousand ways to build a light bulb and never failed once. What most people call failure, he called it, finding things that did not work. We use electric light bulbs in this present age as a testament to his perseverance. Had he chosen to quit at the tenth or nine-hundredth trial, his name would never have held any significance in the history books.

Behind every success story is a series of failures. The idea is drawing lessons from each one to help shape the dream better. When you fall in any endeavor, do not get comfortable on the ground. Do not over-analyze or second guess your ability. Instead, use failure as a light that shines on what works and what does not. When asked about the number of times he failed, Edison denied the label of failure and said he had just found a thousand ways not to build a bulb. Carry the same attitude, and you will persevere.

‘Do not change the goal; change the approach.’ Tony Robbins.

Patience pays.

The Chinese bamboo tree grows from a seed, which only breaks from the ground after five years. Imagine watering and nurturing a plant you cannot even see for five years. It is not a simple task, even though plenty is going on underground that you can not see. It takes a lot of patience and persistence to go through the whole routine year by year with no visible progress. If you drop the consistency of watering the seed at any point, it dies. In the fifth year, the seed breaks through the soil to grow upward at the recorded rate of three feet per day, which adds up to the full ninety feet of the famed tree being recorded within a month. Five years of labor with no results is easily swept away by the one month of remarkable growth.

It is equally important to be patient with your personal goals. You may not see the progress in the first few weeks or months or years, but if you are consistent in investing in your dream, the rewards have no choice but to come. Never drop the ball when watering and nurturing that dream, lest it dies before you can see the splendor of the impending victory. 

Do not cave even if you are the only believer left. 

As humans, we often depend on our family, friends, and colleagues for moral support. Sometimes, things can take an unusual turn from what we expected. It could take longer to build the dream. The same support system you started with can start doubting your vision. It often begins with slight hints that gradually become amplified. The first thing you will hear is, “at least you tried.” Understand they mean well when they say these things, but they are deadly. Get away from them. After that, they will start telling you to try a different avenue just because they do not see immediate results. Do not give in to those calls of defeat. If the vision is convincing, you would rather go it alone than give up because someone else does not believe in it. If you persist when they no longer believe, it is more rewarding when victory finally comes. The important thing is to stay the course, no matter how people around discourage you.

Quitting will always seem easier in the face of adversity, but easy always comes at a price. Giving up will always cost you as regret follows closely on its heel. You do not want to live with regret because you did not dare to push towards your dream.

Never stop doing what you love because you have encountered a snag in the race. Obstacle courses are more fun anyway.

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To succeed, you might have to fail without giving in to the temptation to quit. Have the courage to go after what you want, regardless of the many times you will miss the mark. Seeing your dream come true will bring fulfillment in ways that will overshadow any failure you encounter. Giving up will only bring a lifetime of regrets. So instead of quitting when the going gets tough, push forward and claim your victory.7793930458?profile=RESIZE_400x

The myths around failure.

When people commit to their dream, the expectation is that passion, coupled with excellent planning, will prevent failure. The truth, however, is nothing worth pursuing is that predictable. Many unforeseen circumstances can still knock your legs out from under you, even with all the planning. You could expect setbacks and still be ill-prepared to handle them. Certain things might catch you off-guard. You need to accept that reality if you are to build resilience in the face of adversity.

At ten, doctors diagnosed Kieran Behan, a young boy with a dream to become an Olympic gymnast, with a cancerous tumor on his thigh. The doctors decided on an operation to remove the tumor, but it went so bad that he suffered nerve damage. He received the news that he would never walk again. With great determination, Kieran started his journey of recovery. After fifteen months in a wheelchair, he found his way back to the gym, only to slip from a top bar a few months later. He sustained a head injury that took him out of school for a year. His determination to become a professional gymnast saw him retraining his brain to get his co-ordination back. Years later, he persisted and qualified for the European Championships. Unfortunately, the strain he had put on himself had caused several fractures and a blown knee. The youthful man was ready to give in until he remembered his goal. He pushed himself past the pain to become the Challenge World Cup floor champion in 2011. He realized his dream of competing at the Olympics when he qualified as a contender in 2012. Though he never won the gold medal, the young man's resilience brought him where the expert doctors had said he would never walk. Kieran did not let anyone steal his dream from him.

Failure does not always mean that you should rethink the vision. Sometimes, it means your methods did not work the way you thought they would. It could be the right indicator towards a better way of tackling the work ahead. Do not quit because you failed once. Instead, give yourself room to fail a few more times before throwing in the towel. Somewhere along the way lies victory. Don't miss it just because you encounter a few stumbling blocks.

How to stay motivated when quitting is easier. 

  • Remind yourself why you started.

Remember the excitement you developed upon discovering your passion? Everything seemed so possible, so within reach until you encountered the first few hurdles that showed you, it would not be a walk in the park. When you doubt yourself and your ability to perform well in your endeavors, take time to remind yourself why you chose that dream. Remind yourself of the strides made so far and how those achievements validated your pursuit. Remind yourself of how it felt to see things falling into place, and it will encourage you to jump right back into it.

  • Keep your eyes on the prize. 

Many people lose sight of the bigger picture when things take a sticky turn. This loss of focus is dangerous as it amplifies failures. It becomes easier to compare your progress with your peers, and comparison seldom yields any good. Keeping the end goal within your sights will help the vision seem closer and more attainable. Visualize the feeling of contentment you will get once the rewards come through, and it will motivate you to pull through towards your victory. 

  • Take the road less traveled.

Successful people are risk-takers. They will do what no one else is comfortable doing. Whatever seems daunting to the ordinary person is fodder for a winning mindset. While it is essential to plan, one can easily quit at the planning stage because they feel they are not up to the task. If you are going to win, you will need to perfect the art of leaping into challenging tasks before you are ready. Do not allow room for stagnancy. It only brings a greater level of discomfort and disappointment in the event of setbacks. Always stretch yourself to build resilience for adverse seasons. Set a few challenging goals that will shake off complacency and gear you up for tough times.

  • When it's overwhelming, ask for help.

No man is an island. While you must be ready to pursue your passion alone, you will need others to achieve your dream. Surround yourself with a healthy support system. The kind that does not clip your freedom to try things and that is available to help build your confidence back up when things are not going your way. Find people who can provide a safe space in which you can discuss your fears with no fear of judgment or ridicule. Reach out to people who have gone ahead of you and find out how they stayed the course when faced with challenges of their own. Stay away from people who say, "well, at least you tried."

When quitting is tempting, look at yourself in the mirror and repeat, "I will not quit until I am living the life I dream of!"

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If you are tired of giving up on your goals, relationships, work, or even yourself, do not despair because that is a positive sign that you are about to turn your life around. That is because the first step to getting rid of any bad behavior is by acknowledging that you need a change.

Getting rid of your quitting habits and achieving what you want demands that you have confidence in yourself as well as your ability to change. You have to move from an “I simply can’t get rid of this” attitude to an “Every bad habit can be replaced with a better one” philosophy.7766381293?profile=RESIZE_400x

Find Out What Normally Causes You To Quit And Avoid Giving Up When You Shouldn’t.

Why do you want to quit? What causes you to want to quit? Finding out the most truthful answers to these questions and addressing them can help you continue working on your goal and keep you from giving up. Once you ask yourself these questions, you may be surprised at the reason behind wanting to quit. You may have had a heated argument with your coworker concerning the project you are working on. Maybe you disagree on the next step to take, and you feel leaving is the best thing for you.

However, if you look at it objectively and with a clear head, is failing to reach an agreement a tangible reason for quitting?

The best thing you can do when you feel like calling it quits after an argument is to give yourself enough time to breathe and reflect on the disagreement when you are calm enough to think objectively. This will save you from making what may turn out to be the worst mistake later on.

Remember To Stop And Reflect On Why You Are Doing What You Are Doing So You Can Make The Right Decisions.

The main reason why quitting has become a habit is that you allow your feelings to get in the way of making sound decisions. When you feel you were not treated fairly or when you feel you don’t have the strength to continue working on your relationships, etc. you fail to remember the importance or significance of what you are doing. However, if you refuse to let your emotions interfere with your work, life, or decisions, you will be able to think objectively and to make the right decisions. Think about that the next time you feel like quitting.   

Instead of giving up on starting that new project or continuing with your degree, stop and reflect on your reasons for engaging in that particular work or field of study in the first place. The reason you started is good enough to keep you going.

Surround Yourself With Resilient People So You Can Adopt Their Positive Traits.

Surrounding yourself with strong-willed people who never give up will motivate you to become more like them, and it is one of the most effective ways of getting rid of your quitting habits. If you spend most of your time with complainers and people who never stick to their goals, you will learn their practices and assume quitting is normal.

Understand That Pausing And Resting Is A Necessity And It Doesn’t Mean You Are A Quitter.

Never underestimate the power of pausing from your work and resting when you are supposed to. Your quitting habits may have been brought on by the fact that you work overtime, or you have dedicated 99 percent of your time on “making things work” to the point of failing to slow down and relax. Overworking yourself and not giving yourself enough time to rest will force you to think you have done all that you possibly can, and the only option you have is to give up.

Disconnect from what you are working on for a few hours and give yourself enough time to rest and recharge. If you do that, you will be amazed at your productivity levels the next time you continue.

Keep in mind that resting is a necessity. It does not mean you are a quitter.

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Life has a way of always making us doubt ourselves. It can rattle you until you feel like you cannot go on. That is probably the reason why we often feel the only way to survive is just to stop working towards our goals. The hope for progress, growth, and success dwindles until you decide throwing in the towel is the best decision you can make.7765749687?profile=RESIZE_400x

The art of giving up is one our minds learn over the years by meeting challenges and being subjected to failure and disappointments. Sometimes we get to a point where we conclude it is easier to let go now than deal with the pain of losing later—the repeated thoughts of quitting end up mapping a pattern in our minds. We get hammered into the irresistible cycle of giving up when challenged or when we meet the smallest huddle in our path.

In the mind of a quitter, the words perseverance, persistence, and determination become foreign. In the face of any adversity, the viable choice for quitters will always be to give up. When the mind is infested with the quitting bug, it automatically loses its fluidity, your mind becomes static and stops dreaming or looking beyond what you think are your capabilities.

Failure, just like success, can be predictable. Our actions and efforts determine the kind of result we are most likely to obtain. Once you have chosen to take the easy road, you automatically become a failure at whatever it is you were working on. Keep in mind that failing is not the worst thing that could happen to someone. If you fail once, try again next time, and you will have a double chance of succeeding.  However, once you quit, you have already reached the end of the line.

Quitters have their language; they speak in excuses as they try to justify their choices. Here are some of the most common phrases among quitters:

  1. What if l fail?

The fear of failure paralyzes us. Thoughts of disappointments and shame hinder us from persistently working on our dreams. The only way to get over the fear of failure is to look at failure as an opportunity to learn and be progressive. You have to understand that in every path to success, risk-taking plays a significant role as well. Life in itself is a risk, so do not let the fear of failure turn you into a quitter.

  1. I do not have the time now

This statement goes around a lot among quitters. In the face of adversity, when their goals and dreams are being challenged, as an escape plan, quitters try to lessen the blow before it comes by convincing themselves there isn’t enough time to accomplish the task at hand. They lack the patience and perseverance to keep trying and to keep investing time on the task in question.

  1. There is no reason to go on

Often when things do not go our way, life throwing us curveballs and punches to the face, beat down and disappointed, we lose hope, but we must still find a reason to go on. We need to keep trying because, unlike quitters, winners always have a reason for getting back up and giving it yet another shot.

  1. I am not good enough for this

Feelings of inferiority and low self-esteem are the main reason why people choose to give up fighting for what they believe in. Quitters often compare themselves to other people and conclude that they are less talented and less skilled than the next person.

  1. I’m not smart enough

The ultimate power of our species is the ability to learn and acquire as much knowledge as we deem necessary to accomplish any task at hand. Once one puts their mind to it, there are no limitations. Impossible ceases to exist. In a quitter`s mind, it is impossible to learn and acquire the skills and knowledge required to finish the task they have started.

  1. I can`t find motivation or inspiration

Most times, people end up giving up due to a lack of motivation, a lack of inspiration, or the external stimulation to keep going on. It is not wrong to get a push from the outside, but your whole will to accomplish a task should not be hinged on external motivation. Let the stimulus come from inside. Find the right reasons why you want to do that particular task and accomplish it. When things go sideways, that will always be your motivation.

  1. Maybe it is not meant for me

When your mind is harboring the quitting bug, it is easy for you to blame it all on fate or luck.  This belief that what is meant to be yours will be yours requires no effort on your part. You forget that even that which is meant for you, you need to work towards it. Instead of working hard to accomplish a goal, you use “the other person is just lucky” as an excuse to quit.

  1. No one understands what l am going through so they cannot help

Novelty is somewhat an illusion under the sun. Whatever you are doing or you are going through, someone has been there before. In moments when you feel like you cannot do it anymore, you ought to find a helping hand or council to avoid quitting.

  1. They are doing better than l am

A comparison often births dissatisfaction. We start looking down on our effort and what we can do when we cross-reference with the next person. The only person you can compare yourself with for growth is you.

  1. I am too tired

Too tired? But who isn`t, life drains us sometimes, but that shouldn`t mean you quit. Be patient with yourself, rest, and get back at it!!

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Letting go of something that isn’t working does not mean you are a quitter, nor does it mean you are someone who gives up easily when things fail to turn out the way you want them to. “Let it go” is the best advice you can ever get when you are trying to hold on to something that isn’t benefitting you in any way.7699587260?profile=RESIZE_400x

Quitting is when you cease to do something that will benefit you in the long run because you feel you have failed too many times or because you think you don’t have what it takes. Nothing good can come out of giving up on something that you have worked extremely hard for or something that can affect positive change in your life.

Of all the many disappointments Jack Ma confronted in his life, getting rejected from 30 jobs was probably one of the worst. He applied for a job at KFC and was the only candidate whose application wasn’t accepted. At some point in his life, Jack Ma decided to start his own businesses and let go of seeking employment. Some of the companies he started failed, but he became extremely successful because of the other companies he built.

Today, Jack Ma has a net worth of over $43 billion. He is one of the most highly-influential people in the world, has many outstanding awards in business, technology, and academics. He is also the co-founder and former executive chairman of Alibaba Group.

Ma knew that letting go of something that isn’t working does not mean you are a quitter. He let go of seeking employment after deciding to create jobs and today, over 100 000 people have jobs because of that decision. He kept working on his businesses when other businesses had failed because he wasn’t a quitter.

Letting Go Is Necessary If You Are Going To Grow And Develop In Your Life.

If you are trying to save a relationship that is hindering your growth or one that’s lowering your self-esteem and causing you to doubt your strengths, you need to let it go. Refuse to dedicate your time and energy to things that do more harm than good. If you are still unsure of what your decision to quit your job, change your field of study, or continue working on your relationship means, here’s what you need to do:

  • Consider why you want to stop doing what you are doing. If you wish to resign from your job because you are investing more than you are getting out, then that’s not quitting. If you have received a better offer, go ahead and move on without any feelings of guilt.

On the other hand, if the reason you want to quit working on that big project you were once excited about is that you are tired of failing, going ahead with your decision means you are a quitter. It does not mean you are letting go of something that isn’t working.

  • Find out if the choice you are about to make is going to bring positive change in your life. If you are thinking of ending a relationship you have been trying to work on for years without any success, walking away does not mean you are quitting on your partner. It means you have realized the importance of not only looking out for the person you are with but the need to look out for yourself as well. If it brings you peace, a sense of relief, and the drive to go after your dreams like you once did, you need to let the relationship go.
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Why do some people succeed where other, more talented people fail?

How is it that stars burn out and fail were others with lesser talents manage to excel?

People grasp at the newest trends, latest technology, and desperately hope that they can capture the magic of success. They find a role model to emulate, they study, and they strive, looking for success or the secret to unlocking it. There isn't a secret to success. Success doesn't always come down to creativity, strategy, intelligence, or talent. If it did, the valedictorian of your graduating class would be where Bill Gates is, instead of working a mediocre job complaining that everyone else has all the luck. 7666316859?profile=RESIZE_400x

The answer to this question will never change. When someone asks who will succeed? The answer will always be – the people who persevere. Let's look at the five characteristics of people who persevere.

  1. Keep It Visible

Yes, people who persevere keep visual reminders of their goals nearby. Whether it's on their desk, fridge, or the dashboard of their car, it plants the seed of success in their mind and allows them to focus their attention on all of the things that will help them achieve their goal.

 They recognize that worry and stress destroy focus, so they find a way to manage their stress levels. They do this by using their time effectively, an ability supported by keeping reminders visible.

  1. Technology

If you can't tame your use of technology, then it will quickly become your master. We might live in a highly connected world, but it's up to you to define the boundaries with regards to your time. Your phone might have notified you that a new email just came through, but that doesn't mean you have to change your focus to deal with it. People who persevere know that the only thing that should dominate their time are things that contribute to achieving their goals. 

  1. Preparation

If you plan two, three steps ahead, then you have a good idea of what is going to come next. This helps you prevent complacency. With every new phase, one must consider what skills, experiences, knowledge, and relationships should be developed to succeed. That's something people who persevere do regularly.

In that planning, you can create a template of sorts to improve your consistency with tasks that you know you will repeat. It'll save you time, too. 

  1. Questions

People who persevere ask a lot of questions, but not just any questions, the right questions. When you ask the right questions, you get the right answers, which is what helps you push on through whatever obstacle life may throw at you. 

  1. Gravity

We tend to gravitate to the most obvious or dominant thought, and because it's dominant, we move to believe that it's true. At least, this is what people who persevere do when they're choosing goals that ignite their passions. They have this ability because they are in touch with their inner-world to the point where they know their values, they know what they believe, they know what they want, and their life is built around making it happen. 

They sharpen their focus, they focus on building their competence, and they allow their competence to ignite their passion. That's what people who persevere do. 

At the end of each day, ask yourself whether you have done something that left a lasting or positive impact. If you can't answer yes, then go out of your way to do something so that you can say yes. When it comes right down to it, you either will or you won't. It isn't about trying; it's about doing. That's what people who persevere understand.


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