Self-doubt is a common issue for those who battle their inner critic regularly. The nagging voice that you do not measure up or play it safe; you may fail is incredibly powerful. It can become internalized and hold you back from many of your most desired goals. It’s a self-defeating belief that is used as a way to keep you from trying the things that scare you. In this article, you will learn about self-doubt and how you can beat it. Your subconscious mind's job is to protect you. Self-doubt is one of the tools it uses for that purpose. Self-Doubt is meant to prevent pain and disappointment, but it does not work. 3368523986?profile=RESIZE_710x

About Self-Doubt

Self-doubt is a nagging voice inside your head that is repetitive and negative. Along with the crippling messages playing over and over again in your mind, you will experience emotions connected to the messages you are telling yourself. Others have likely instilled your self-doubt. This can be a parent, spouse, teacher, or another authority figure. They may have been well-meaning, but it still became the crippling messages you hear today. When people send us these messages, either out loud or through their actions, you to start to internalize those messages. Once you internalize them, it’s incredibly challenging to overcome the effects they have on.

How It Feeds Your Inner Critic

Your inner critic’s agenda is to keep you from succeeding. At all costs, it will keep you from trying. One of the ways to stop you from even trying to achieve your goals is self-doubt. Self-doubt robs you of your self-confidence and convinces you to give up before you even begin. It keeps you from hearing the healthier and more positive messages you may prefer to give yourself. When you give in to self-doubt, you’ll notice that damaging habits like sitting in your comfort zone and procrastinating set in. Anxiety and stress are fueled by self-doubt. Neither of these states is healthy for achieving progress. Self-doubt guarantees failure.

Ways to Overcome Self-Doubt

There are ways to spot self-doubt and call its bluff. First, notice when you are making excuses for why you can’t do something or don’t want to pursue an opportunity. Ask yourself why you are hesitating from pursuing your goal?. Look for repetitious messages you tell yourself. When you see a recurring theme such as you’re not good enough or that you’re an imposter, you need to push through self-doubt and take on the challenge in front of you. Look for the repetitive messages and other things that trigger your self-doubt. The first step in changing these messages is the ability to see them. Finally, put down the bat and cut yourself some slack. Perfectionism is just another tool of your inner critic. Your attempts will not be perfect. What matters is that you try and you keep moving toward your goals. Be easy on yourself and cheer yourself through till you reach the goal. Surround yourself with friends who believe in you. Use these tips to push past the self-doubt.

That inner critic will not give up easily, but it is worth all the work and discipline you can employ. Never quit on yourself no matter how many times you fall. Get back up and start again. Self-Doubt is meant to prevent pain and disappointment. Remember, your inner critic thinks it is helping you. It will stop at nothing to keep you safe. You need to take the time to reprogram your subconscious mind. My book “Prove Your Inner Critic Wrong” will guide you to give your inner critic a new set of messages.


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  • I was struggling with this at work the other day. The critic had me paralyzed unable to start the unfamiliar task I had been given. It took every ounce of will to even attempt it. I made mistakes but the world didn’t end.

    • Hi Elliot. I also struggle with this most days at work. It takes alot of vigilence to keep it in check. My inner critic paralyzes me, has prevented me from reaching my full potential and most days keeps me from trying things out of fear of making mistakes. I like how you said, you made mistakes and the world didn't end. I need to be networking with people who are going through these types of thigns and sharing their experience, strength and hope. Thank you for your vulnerability. I need people like you in my life.  

    • That is great!

      Celebrating your achievement here goes a long way to proving your inner critic wrong. The next time the critic starts talking you can look back at August 4th and find the strength to push through.

      Writing it down is an important tool. 

  • This was extremely beneficial for me. And, would be for some friends of mine!!

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