Worm Gets Ideas

To me, the butterfly teaches the most wonderful and the most important lesson that we human beings ever have to learn. You all know his story. He is a beautiful butterfly now, but he was not always a butterfly. No, indeed. He began life, and he lived what seemed to him a very, very long time, as a worm - and not a very important kind of worm either - what we call the humble caterpillar.3626907155?profile=RESIZE_710x

Now the life of a caterpillar is a sadly restricted one, in fact, it could be taken as the very type and symbol of restriction. He lives on a green leaf in the forest, and that is about all he knows.

Then one day something happens. The little caterpillar finds certain strange stirrings going on within himself. The old green leaf, for some reason, no longer seems sufficient. He begins to feel dissatisfied. He becomes moody and discontented, but - and this is the vital point - it is a divine discontent. He does not just grumble and complain to the other caterpillars, saying "nature is all wrong." "I hate this life." "I can never be anything but a worm." "I wish that I had never been born." No, he is discontented, but it is a divine discontent. He feels that need for a bigger, finer, and more interesting life. His instinct tells him that where there is true desire there must be fulfillment, because "where there's a will, there's a way."

And so the wonderful thing happens. Gradually the worm disappears, and the butterfly emerges, beautiful, graceful, now endowed with wings - and instead of crawling about on a restricted leaf, he soars right above the trees right above the forest itself - free, unrestricted, free to go where he likes, and see the world, and bask in the sun, and, in fact, be his own True Self - the free and wonderful thing that God intended him to be.

Now this wonderful sorry is intended to be the story of every human soul. It is up to you to develop your wings by the scientific use of creative imagination so that you may fly away to your heart's desire.

This story "Worm Gets Ideas" written by Emmet Fox tells us not to deny our God-given desire to dream and live into our future. 

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  • It never gets old.

    • I find myself living this story every day. Especially the divine discontentment. 

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